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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Town Square Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Town Square Dubai

It is common for air conditioning users to report problems related to water leaking through the device. According to technicians, this problem is usually caused by a bad installation or lack of maintenance and cleaning. In order to help you solve this problem, we decided to list the most common reasons for your device to be leaking water, as well as what measures to take in each case. Look:

Dubai Repair Provides Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Town Square Dubai 0568770106

Lack of cleaning and maintenance

This is, without a doubt, the number one cause of water leaks in air conditioners. This is because, when the interior of the indoor unit (evaporator) spends a long time being cleaned, dirt ends up settling and preventing the passage of water from the condensate tray to the drainage system. With this, the water leak ends up being originated, causing the cooling capacity of the device to be drastically reduced.   

In order for the accumulation of dirt to be removed from this tray, as well as from the entire interior of the outdoor unit, it is important that a specialized technician is hired to perform this task. He will use the appropriate tools and cleaning products to clean the air conditioner and make it release the condensed water to the outside environment. It is worth remembering that cleaning the filters is also important to avoid the accumulation of dust.

unsuccessful installation

The problem of AC water leakage may have originated right from the installation of the device. Factors such as lack of leveling and incorrect placement of the drain, which are normally ignored by lay people during the installation process, can cause condensed water to not be properly transported out of the environment, generating leaks or the so-called ‘drip. ‘. 

Hence the importance of hiring a specialized technician to install your air conditioner correctly. He will certainly follow the parameters established by the manufacturer, clearly exposed in the equipment manual, and he will use all his experience to carry out the installation in the best possible way. In this way, the chances of the leakage problem being originated soon in this process drop drastically. 

Small or clogged drain

Many technicians use a drain pipe with a very small diameter, causing the equipment to not be able to drain enough to prevent water leakage into the internal environment. There are also cases where mold or moss forms inside the drain, blocking the passage of water. These two problems can be easily solved with proper installation and constant cleaning of the device. 

Air leakage

If the device is not properly sealed, hot air can easily enter its interior, which will cause the moisture in the air to condense when it meets the cold air. With this, excess moisture will end up accumulating on the underside of the equipment, causing dripping. For this problem to be solved, it is enough for the technician to correctly seal the external part of the device.

outside temperature too cold

When the temperature outside the room is cold, the air ends up getting more humid, causing the air conditioner to accumulate more water. And since evaporation does not normally occur because of the wetter climate, it is very likely that the water in the device will start to leak. In this case, the person need not worry, as the drip will stop when the outside temperature rises again. 

broken drain pump 

When the environment does not have any point near the evaporator for drain disposal, then the solution is to install a drain pump to pump the volume of condensed water through the pipe. But if the equipment is discharging too much water, then it is very likely that the pump is broken. It is enough for the specialized professional to check the problem and decide if the problem is really in the pump, and only then change it. 

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