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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Akoya Oxygen Dubai

Why Your Air Conditioner Leaks Water and How to Fix It. Dubai Repair Provide You Solution, And Emergency AC Water Leakage Service in Akoya Oxygen Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Akoya Oxygen Dubai

Air conditioning stopped being a luxury item a long time ago. Currently, it is a necessary item in homes, offices, stores, transport, and any closed environment, as it guarantees well-being and contributes to the population’s quality of life. That way, when it has a defect, it makes us instantly worried, the most common being water leakage.

This problem that literally keeps many people awake at night has different origins and must be resolved as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the device.

We will present here the main reasons that cause dripping as well as ways to solve it, improving its efficiency and increasing its useful life.

Dubai Repair Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Akoya Oxygen Dubai Contact Us Via WhatsApp 0568770106


If your appliance was recently installed and it has been dripping with water since the first days of use, it is certainly a fault in the installation service. The most common are: use of pipes with a diameter smaller than that specified by the manufacturer, interconnection of several pieces of equipment in the same pipe, use of hoses that are strangled or without falling, or even crooked fixing of the evaporator to the wall. In this case, it is necessary to ask the technician to re-install the air conditioner to repair the defect.


AC CLOGGED OR BURNED DRAIN PUMP for Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Akoya Oxygen Dubai

Drain pumps are used if there is no drainage point nearby. However, they need constant maintenance and cleaning to prevent them from clogging or even burning out. Therefore, a burnt or clogged drain pump can cause water to leak in your air conditioner.


Dirt can often also be the reason for dripping when the device has been in use for a while. When dust particles accumulate inside the appliance and in the condensate tray, there is a blockage of the water passage to the drainage system, causing water leakage. The unblocking of this tray should only be done by a specialized technician. Ideally, preventive maintenance, deep cleaning, should be carried out once a year also by a trained professional.

AC Dirt for Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Akoya Oxygen Dubai

Another cause regarding the accumulation of impurities is due to dirty filters. In the case of equipment with light to moderate use, the filters must be cleaned once a month, in cases of intense use, they must be cleaned every 15 days. But always be aware: even when idle, the filter accumulates dust and needs cleaning. Cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner or warm soapy water.

clogged drain pipe

The drain pipe clogs over time due to sludge, dirt and moss that accumulate inside. If your air conditioner has never dripped and  suddenly started leaking water, this could be the reasonCleaning the drainage system and the interior of the appliance is the best way to avoid/solve this problem.

Serpentine freezing

If your air conditioner is Split, the coil freezing may be the reason for the leak. In this case, it may be clogged by the accumulation of dirt in the turbine or filter. To prevent this from happening, the ideal is to carry out preventive maintenance once a year and the work must be carried out by a qualified technician.

Air leakage

If the equipment is not properly sealed, hot air may enter, colliding with the cold, creating condensation. This will cause moisture to accumulate under the air conditioner, leading to possible dripping. To solve this problem, the qualified technician must seal the entire external part of the device.

  • Low outside temperature
      • Air conditioners are not designed to work below 15º C. Therefore, low temperatures can cause the condenser to freeze.
  • More power than needed
      • If your device has more BTUs than is needed for the environment in which it is installed, freezing may occur. In this way, check the ideal amount of BTUS for your room before buying the device.


The best way to avoid problems and unpleasant surprises with your air conditioner is to carry out preventive maintenance of your device, once a year, by hiring a technician or company specialized in the subject. Small cleanings such as a filter, for example, can be carried out by yourself. However, technical repairs must be carried out by specialized professionals, avoiding irreversible damages to your air conditioner.

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