AC Maintenance In Hamidiya Ajman

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The tasks of maintenance of the air conditioning are included in the Manual of use and maintenance, but this document does not always exist or is available to the owner of the facility or the company responsible for the maintenance, so it is also important to know them.

Therefore, the regulation of thermal installations collects the minimal operations that must be carried out within this program of preventive maintenance:

  • Cleaning of evaporators
  • Cleaning of the condenser
  • Draining, cleaning and treatment of the circuit cooling towers
  • Checking the water-resistance and levels of refrigerant and oil in refrigeration equipment
  • Revision and cleaning of air filters
  • Review of equipment of wetting and evaporative cooling
  • Revision and cleaning of equipment heat recovery
  • Review of terminal units water air
  • Review of terminal units air distribution
  • Revision and cleaning of units of supply air and return air
  • Review of autonomous teams.

Cleaning of filters

Cleaning of filters is the main part on the influence at the time of carrying out the maintenance of the air conditioning. Some dirty filters obstruct the air passage causing the machine to function properly enforced, which reduces the length of the machine and that consumes a lot more electrical energy to operate. In addition, a few dirty filters will purify the air, making the entry of dust and pollen in the rooms easier. For this reason it will be important to keep them clean at all times, being ideal to do a cleaning in the annual fund before the start of the season of use of the air conditioning.

Perform this cleanup is easy, and can be done autonomously by the user. So just open the air, remove the filters and clean them with cold water or with a vacuum cleaner, always keeping in mind not to apply too much heat to deform the filter.

Cleaning the drain

It is important to realize, each time, a cleaning of the drain. The reason is that the process of evaporation, there are some water drops that remain stored, producing a bad odor with the passage of time, in addition to reaching occur breakdowns as well.

Charge level of the refrigeant gas

The gases used by the air-conditioning equipment are losing pressure by small leaks that can cause the loss of product significant. It is important to recharge the lost refrigerant when it is necessary, because when teams lose coolant may not use all of its capacity of production of cold/heat, and they need to consume more electricity than if they worked with the quantity of refrigerant correct. However, the reload is only a temporary patch, since what there is to do is to find the leak and fix the problem, this will improve the efficiency.

Electrical installation

The installation of the water supply and the internal circuits require proper maintenance to avoid referrals or short circuits that may damage your computer or cause other problems to the rest of the devices or facilities.

These tips on maintenance of the air conditioning does not only help you comply with regulations, but also to take full advantage of the device, both in features and in efficiency.