What is Air Conditioner | ac service in dubaiWhat is an air conditioner?

Air conditioning – a device for maintaining optimal climatic conditions in apartments, houses, offices, as well as for cleaning indoor air from unwanted particles. It is designed to reduce the air temperature in the room during the heat, or (less often) – to increase the air temperature in the cold season in the room.

Why do you need an air conditioner?

In order to provide people with the most comfortable conditions for staying indoors, it is necessary that the indoor air be not only cleaned of dust, but also contain about 20% oxygen and no more than 0.4% carbon dioxide, at room temperature not exceeding 22 ° C, relative humidity air – 50% and air speed – about 15 cm per second.

A person feels comfortable only when there is thermal equilibrium, that is, the amount of heat that the body produces is equal to the amount of heat that is absorbed by the external environment. Such a balance for a person dressed in light clothes comes at a temperature of plus 20-22°C.

It is the use of professional climate equipment that attracts visitors to large shopping centers and cafes on hot summer days. Also, some types of equipment require continuous temperature control, so air conditioning units are necessary in server rooms, Internet cafes, as well as in some industries. Air conditioners can be used to maintain favorable – conducive to comfortable well-being of a person, conditions in residential or industrial premises.

The use of modern technologies makes it possible to create new, as well as modernize old climatic equipment, such as ventilation systems, heating systems, air purifying and humidifying equipment, as well as air conditioners.

Especially popular among Dubai are relatively inexpensive freon air conditioners that control air temperature from 15°C to 33°C. Also, freon air conditioners help to purify the air from unpleasant odors and fine dust, they will help fight high humidity in the premises.

At first glance, the benefits of air conditioning are undeniable, but there are some points that can harm human health. Of course, the air conditioner itself does not pose a danger, and it can create a health hazard only if it is used improperly. And this means that when installing an air conditioner in an apartment or office, certain rules should be followed.

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    AC Service in Dubai

    Why is it important to service your ac regularly in Dubai?

    Even a small breakdown can result in a costly repair or even a complete failure of the entire system. Of course, this is fraught with very high costs. Much more than the annual service.

    Service maintenance of the air conditioner is recommended to be carried out at least once a year. It is best to do this after the cold weather, when the system should be prepared for constant use in the warm season.

    In addition to monitoring the technical condition of climate equipment, service activities are aimed at complete sanitization of external and internal modules. It has long been no secret that climate control equipment is the most favorable place for bacteria to grow. It is quite humid and comfortable in terms of temperature. And as such equipment is used, bacteria enter the air, and then into the human body. As a result, all this leads to long, often dangerous respiratory diseases.

    But this happens only if you do not monitor the condition of the air conditioner and other climate equipment. If you seek professional help from Dubai Repair, you can be sure that the master will clean or replace all filters and treat them with a special bactericidal solution.

    Maintenance of air conditioners and climate equipment in Dubai

    The Dubai Repair company is engaged in ac service in Dubai of various types of air conditioners:

    • with power up to 7 kW;
    • with power up to 10 kW;
    • large systems, with power exceeding 10 kW.

    The latest types of air conditioners are difficult to operate, so before starting maintenance, it is imperative to coordinate all the details with a specialist engineer.

    AC Service Cost

    Service cost is very important to consumers. But very often they save on air conditioners, which is fundamentally wrong. No cost of work can compare with health, which can be seriously undermined if you do not service the external and internal units of the air conditioner. The system itself will also start to work worse. And if at first it will be almost imperceptible, then in a running situation, the device may suddenly break down at the most inopportune moment.

    The cost of service maintenance cannot be the same for all air conditioners. The master takes into account the scope of work. The number of blocks, the difficulty of access to the main elements of the system, as well as the brand and model of equipment are taken into account.
    We service both industrial and home air conditioners.

    To clarify all the details on the upcoming work and their price, anyone can call 0568770106.