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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Damac Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Damac Dubai

Air conditioners that are dripping or leaking water indicate a problem that could have different origins. In this article we will help you to identify the causes of water dripping from your air conditioner.

Dubai Repair Offer Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Damac Dubai 0568770106

bad installation

If your appliance has been recently installed and has been dripping with water since the first days of use, you can be sure that it is a fault in the installation service. The most common failures are: Using a pipe with a diameter smaller than that specified by the manufacturer, connecting different equipment in the same pipe, hoses without falling or strangled and still fixing the crooked evaporator to the wall. In this case, the best way to solve the problem is to re-install the equipment.

Burnt or clogged drain pump

Drain pumps are used in cases where it is not possible to have a nearby drain point. However, these pumps need regular cleaning and maintenance. A clogged or burned out drain pump causes water to leak in the air conditioner.

clogged drain pipe

The drain pipe clogs from time to time due to dirt, moss, sludge that forms inside. If your appliance has never dripped water and has just started this is the most likely cause. The best way to resolve this is to clean the appliance and the drainage system.

dirty air conditioner

A lack of air conditioning cleanliness is the number one cause of air conditioning water leaks. The dirt accumulated inside the device and in the condensate tray block the passage of water to the drainage system and with that the water leakage in the air conditioning happens.

Other causes

There are also other possibilities, which are not the most common, such as: unregulated appliances, sudden temperature changes in the environment, etc.

How do I fix the water leak?

If your device was recently installed, it is an installation failure and the best way to resolve it is to contact the person who installed it and request a repair. If your device has been in use for more than 3 years and has never dripped water, it is a lack of cleaning the device and drainage system. The best way to solve it is to hire a specialized service and schedule cleaning at least once a year.

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