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Are you living in Ajman Corniche Beach or Near to Ajman Corniche for enjoying the beautiful view of Beach and Ocean. As well as enjoying the view you also realize the hot weather of Ajman, and also realized the importance of Air Conditioner. As you know, regular maintenance only a way in which you get benefits from your Air Conditioning System.

So If you think you needed AC Technician for you ac maintenance in corniche Ajman, then feel happy, we are here to provide you the Best ac maintenance in corniche Ajman service.

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Regular maintenance of air conditioners or ventilation equipment is not just a recommendation. It is a prerequisite for any manufacturer. Some brands remove their products from the warranty, whether it is an air conditioner or a ventilation system, in the absence of an annual service.

On the one hand, these companies minimize their costs for providing warranty obligations in the absence of service, and on the other hand, they encourage users to properly care for their equipment, because:

Regular service is profitable!

  • Reducing the chance of breakage
  • Save energy costs
  • Maximum comfort from use

An interesting caveat: the more expensive the climate control equipment, the greater the savings. For example, for an air conditioner costing AED 3000, this savings over the entire life of its operation will amount to AED 600. But this is not the only plus, there are others:

  • You breathe clean air, free of dust, fungi, and other contaminants.
  • The air conditioner will last you at least 3 years longer.
  • It works quieter.
  • Energy savings of up to 30%.

As for budget split systems priced at AED 300-900, the lack of regular service is especially critical for them. Such air conditioners are very sensitive to working with a lack of freon, dirty heat exchangers, clogged filters. In addition, they have a weak system of protection and self-diagnosis. And they are assembled from components made by non-top manufacturers. Therefore, the probability of their failure is extremely high, and the compressor often fails, and this is the most expensive unit of the air conditioner.

Required number of maintenance services per year

Room type Keel of CO for a year Explaination
Apartment, private house
In the spring before the start of the summer season and in the autumn to prepare the outdoor and indoor units for heating in winter. If you do not heat your home with an air conditioner in winter, it will be enough to carry out maintenance once a year in the spring.
Depending on the size of the office and the number of people, we recommend that you do SO at least 2 times a year: in the spring before the start of the summer season and in the middle of it. When using an air conditioner to heat the room, it is necessary to increase the amount of CO to four per year.
Server room
At least quarterly. There are no exceptions here. The exact amount of CO required per year is determined by our specialist directly at the site.
Quarterly maintenance if the air conditioner is used for cooling and heating purposes. If it only works in cooling mode-2 times: in the spring before the start of the summer season and in the middle of it.
Cafe, restaurant (hall)
Quarterly, if the air conditioner is used for cooling and heating. If only in cooling mode - 2 times: in the spring before the beginning of the summer season and in the middle of it.
Cafe, restaurant (kitchen)
Depending on the specific location, we recommend performing a minimum of 4 maintenance operations per year. For example, we have places where we spend time with them once a month.

After installation, commissioning and commissioning of ventilation or air conditioning systems, we issue you a certificate of acceptance and transfer stating that the equipment is in working condition, meets the specified parameters, and is installed according to the design decision. You also have a contract that sets out all warranty cases with an indication of the warranty period.

Warranty service for other air conditioning equipment

We also provide other climate control equipment with warranty, post-warranty and after-sales service. The warranty period for it, as well as for air conditioners, varies from 15 days to 1 month, and is indicated in each product card.

Trust us to ensure the normal operation of your equipment, because:
  • We remember everything-the history of working with your equipment is recorded in a special program
  • We remind you about the next service in any way convenient for you: Phone Call, SMS, WhatsApp.
  • Your facility is assigned a service engineer who knows all the nuances of installation and operation of your air conditioning equipment
  • We use certified detergents and professional equipment in Ajman
  • We appreciate your time: we arrive at pre-arranged hours
  • Service is performed by meticulous, qualified, experienced craftsmen of the Dubai-Repair

What is included in the service?

The comprehensive air conditioner maintenance service includes:

External block

  1. Inspection for problems.
  2. Cleaning the condenser.
  3. Check the operating pressure in the system.
  4. Check the fan impeller attachment, bracket condition, and protective equipment.
  5. Diagnostics of the entire control unit (electrical part, control boards).

Indoor unit

  1. Inspection for problems.
  2. Cleaning of filters and evaporator (with complete disassembly of the indoor unit).
  3. Check the fan motor rotation and adjust the air flow direction.
  4. Measuring the temperature at the inlet and outlet of the evaporator.
  5. Decontamination with an antibacterial solution.
  6. Diagnostics of the control board.

Freon and drainage lines

  • Check the system for any refrigerant leaks.
  • Checking the condition of rolling joints and freon line insulation.
  • Cleaning the drainage system.

Electric power equipment and parallel operation shield, verification

  • contact states of electrical connections,
  • protective earth connection,
  • power automata and contactors (if they are part of the air conditioning system),
  • power cables.

How much does air conditioning service cost?
Maintenance of air conditioners in Ajman Corniches costs from AED 250 to AED 500. This price may increase slightly depending on the degree of contamination and complexity of the work, the time of day, the need to attract industrial climbers or a car tower.

In which cities do we test air conditioning and ventilation systems?
Corniche, Al Rashidiya, Al Nuaimia. In addition to service, we perform installation of air conditioners, their diagnostics, repair and refueling.