Dubai Repair Company Provides You Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Sports City Dubai 0568770106

Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Sports City Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Sports City Dubai

Air conditioning leaking water is a common and quite unpleasant problem , isn’t it? After all, the leaks make a very annoying noise , the floor gets dirty and slippery and on top of that the environment doesn’t get that fresh touch as it should.

In companies , the discomfort is even greater , due to the risk of falls due to the more intense circulation of people . But what causes this defect so irritating?

What to do to get rid of it once and for all? Well, do you really want to know how to act when you come across an air conditioner leaking water? Then check out the amazing tips we prepared especially for you in this post!

Dubai Repair Company Provides You Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Sports City Dubai 0568770106

Discover the causes of noncompliance

Over the months, the air cooler filter will collect dirt particles , something that is natural. However, from time to time, it is necessary to clean the air conditioning.

The lack of hygiene is  crucial for this type of failure in most cases, but it is not the only reason for this uncomfortable setback. In other words: the air conditioner leaking water can be the result of a poorly done installation .

One more possibility is a blockage in the drainage system . The following is a short summary of the main factors that trigger this inconvenience.

  • Dirty filter: generally, appliances with more than 3 years of operation release water because of the dirty filter. In this case, call a specialized company and arrange for the removal of waste;
  • Installation failures: on the other hand, in newer appliances, this type of change occurs due to mistakes when installing the air conditioner . Thus, it may be the wrong position of the evaporator or a pipe smaller than that recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Problems with draining: When drain pipes clog or are in slanted positions, the problem can also happen.

Find out how to stop the air conditioner leaking water

The air conditioner leaking water dilemma is solved with two very simple solutions. Thus, if the device is new, it will be essential to reassess the installation . In case of problems, the equipment must be removed from the wall and put back in the correct way.

On the other hand, in older appliances, cleaning of the air cooler is usually necessary , especially the filters in the system.

See why it's important to get professional help

Air conditioning leaking water causes much bigger problems than unwanted drips. That’s because it’s air quality that’s at stake. Therefore, we are talking about a defect that directly interferes with the health of employees.

In this context, cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioning must be carried out by trained professionals. These experts know the safety measures to operate with electricity and biological hazards .

Also, look for reputable service providers who use quality air conditioning cleaning materials .

Remember that it is the correct hygiene that guarantees a healthy space, free from debris and micro-organisms. Thus, the transmission of diseases, as well as the cases of allergies and headaches, are prevented.

One more reason to be cautious with this task: companies have to present an air conditioning cleaning certificate to the Health Surveillance. However, only technicians authorized by law are authorized to issue this document.

In this way, the specialist will thoroughly test the device . Thus, in case of broken or disengaged parts, he will do the repair without any risk to the regulars.

When you keep your air conditioner clean, it works better and consumes less electricity. 

As you may have noticed, air conditioning leaking water has to do with maintenance and service issues. In addition to the very unpleasant drops, this problem contaminates the air and prevents efficient air conditioning.

Want to know more about it? Then also check out our post with the 3 steps to make sure you don’t make a mistake when choosing an air conditioning maintenance company!

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