Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Production City Dubai

Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Production City Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Production City Dubai

Will you need to clean the air conditioning maintenance ? Find out by reading our article!

Having an air conditioner is an achievement for many, and the best part of it all is being able to enjoy an air-conditioned environment properly. However, if he has problems, the dream can become heavy. One of the most common is the air conditioning dripping, which can result in several problems. If it is new and has been recently installed, most likely the cause is a bad air conditioning installation error.

The most common are the use of tubing with a diameter smaller than that suggested by the manufacturer; crooked positioning of the evaporator on the wall; use of strangled or undrained hoses; or several pieces of equipment interconnected in the same pipeline.

In this case, the best way to solve the problem is to call the technician who did the installation and ask him to come back to solve the problem by installing the air conditioning correctly. Or hire a reliable air conditioning service company

Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Production City Dubai

What other problems could be a result of a leaky air conditioner?

A burnt or clogged drain pump can also be causing problems. Drain pumps are used in cases where it is not possible to have a nearby drain point. But, they need good old-fashioned air conditioning maintenance. A clogged or burned out drain pump causes water to leak in the air conditioner.

Another point that can cause dripping is when the drain pipe clogs. This happens because of the accumulated dirt, moss and slime that forms inside. If the air conditioner never dripped water and only started now, this is the most likely cause. The best way to solve this is to clean the air conditioning and, especially, the drainage system.
While we’re at it, lack of air conditioning cleanliness is the number one cause of air conditioning water leaks. Often, the dirt accumulated inside the device and in the condensate tray block the passage of water to the drainage system and with that the water leak in the air conditioning happens.

There are less common causes, such as excessive low temperature condensation, for example, an insufflation diffuser or an evaporator blowing cold air close to a stream of warm air, above a door, generates drips. In this case, either changing the position of the diffuser or evaporator or working with slightly higher temperatures at the set-point usually resolves. But all this will only be identified by a specialized company. Installing air conditioners correctly and maintaining air conditioners on a regular basis helps to avoid this type of problem.

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