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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Mira Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Mira Dubai

Air conditioning dripping water inside the house? Inside the office? What a mess! It can damage furniture, carpets, form puddles, people can slip, mold can form. It’s a disaster!

But don’t panic. Today we are going to help you deal with this annoying situation.

Dubai Repair Offer Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Mira Dubai via whatsapp 0568770106

Causes of Dripping Air Conditioning

To solve the problem, the easiest is to know what is causing it. We list below the main reasons for air conditioning leaking water.

  • installation error
  • Lack of cleaning of filters
  • Failure to change filters
  • dirty drain
  • uneven drain
  • rarer causes

Next, we’ll talk about each of these problems and how to solve them.

Water Leakage Solutions

Below you will find topics about each of the causes listed above. You can only read what it says about your leak. Or you can read each one to identify which one best describes your problem.

Air Conditioner Installation Error

If your air conditioner is leaking water and it was recently installed, it is most likely  an installation error . Here are some very common mistakes:

  • Use tubing with a diameter smaller than that indicated by the manufacturer
  • Interconnect several equipments in the same pipeline
  • Using hoses that are not draped or throttled
  • Position the crooked evaporator on the wall

In these cases there is no way, the solution is  to redo the installation of the air conditioning.

dirty air conditioner

Another common cause of leaks is the lack of cleanliness of the air conditioning filters . Filters accumulate a lot of dirt in a short time. Ideally, clean them at least once a month.

Dirt in the filter blocks the passage of water. Then the water accumulates and starts to leak through any crack.

  • Than Need To Clean Your Air Conditioner

Important: the air conditioner dripping water is not the only reason to clean your device. Cleaning is important for health reasons and even the efficiency of the device as well.

Clogged or Tilted Drain

Another factor that can cause dripping is the drain  – that tiny pipe that throws the accumulated water out.

Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In Mira Dubai, Freely Contact Us Via WhatsApp: 0568770106

If the drain becomes clogged, with dirt or sludge, the water has nowhere to go. And if the drain is uneven, the water that enters it goes back into the device.

And in that case what do you have? An AC dripping with water.

The tip is always to pay attention to the  maintenance of the air conditioning . Cleaning must be periodic. If the drain clogs, you need to remove the canister and unclog it.

If it’s tilted, it should be positioned so that gravity helps the water move down it.

Other Rare Cases:

The three problems mentioned above are the most common ones that result in the air conditioning evaporator dripping. But there are also other possibilities, which are not so recurrent, such as:

  • Sudden change in temperature in the environment
  • Defrost sensor failure
  • High humidity in the environment

How to fix Leaking Air Conditioner?

Summing up the ideas of this post, is the following: if the air conditioner leaking water is new and was recently installed, the best thing is to contact the person responsible for the installation and request the repair .

But if the air conditioner has been in use for more than 3 years and has just started to leak water, the most likely cause is the lack of cleaning of the device and the drainage system. In this case, it is recommended to hire a specialized professional to check and perform maintenance.

Do the periodic cleaning and avoid headaches with the air conditioning dripping water inside the house. But remember that it is not always best to pay the price of housekeeping.

Here we teach you how to choose whether it’s worth a new air conditioner or getting an old one .

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