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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service in JVT Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service in JVT Dubai

One of the most common air conditioner failures is a leaking condensate from the air conditioner. Water flowing out from under the body of the indoor unit can ruin the wall or expensive wallpaper, and if the air conditioner is located above the outlet or household appliances, it can cause a short circuit. The reasons are different, we will analyze them all in order for air conditioners with different drainage systems

Emergency AC Water Leakage Service in JVT Dubai Freely Contact Us 0568770106

Split systems with condensate drainage by gravity.

With such a system for removing condensate, the liquid, collecting on the fins of the evaporator, flows into the bath, from where it flows through the pipeline under the influence of gravity into the street or into the bathroom. In this case, the air conditioner may leak if:

– the drainage pipe is laid without a slope

About 15% towards the condensate outlet or the condensate drain hole in the bath turned out to be higher than the other edge, from where the overflow occurs

– poor quality materials used

Over time, the tube bends or cracks. Or the drainage consists of several tubes connected together, and the joint loses its tightness over time.

– pseudo-siphons were used during installation

That is, in order to avoid odors from the sewer, the sewer was bent in a zigzag pattern so that there is a constant column of water that prevents odors from entering, it is better not to save money and use ordinary siphons, since condensate cannot always push through this column of water

– blocked drainage system

Clogged drain pipe, bath or condensate drain. In this case, you need to clean the drainage system in any way possible (blow it out, spill it, use special chemicals), and disassemble the air conditioner and clean the pan.

Split systems with a drainage pump (pump)
Drainage pumps are used if it is impossible to drain condensate to the street (facade of a house, historically valuable buildings, etc.) or it is technically impossible, for example, a cooled room is below ground level and there is no sewerage system or it is impossible to maintain a slope. In this case, the main causes of condensate leakage from the air conditioner:

– the drainage (condensate) pump is faulty
It has completely burned out or its power has significantly decreased, even if it makes the sound of a running engine, this does not mean that it is pumping out condensate, it needs to be checked.

– clogged float chamber
Dirt can clog the float chamber so much that the float is blocked in one position and does not turn on the pump when the water level rises.

– failed sensor
Most often, non-contact sensors break, but float sensors can also break.

– the air outlet tube is pinched or jumped off .

The tube must be reinstalled or released from clamping.

– bad contact
On the power terminals of the pump itself or in the connector between the pump and the sensor (float chamber)

– power off
The drain pump has stopped working, and the evaporator is still cold, condensate is still dripping from it. Usually the leakage is very small and when the power is turned on, the problem disappears.

Causes of leakage for both systems:

– freezing of the evaporator of the indoor unit

There is not enough refrigerant in the system and the temperature of the evaporator is below zero, frost gradually freezes on it and water flows not into the pan, but past, or onto the fan. In this case, the valves and pipes on the outdoor unit usually also freeze over. This can happen not only due to a lack of freon, but also with insufficient heat removal from the evaporator, for example, if it is heavily polluted or if the filters are very dirty.

– operation of the air conditioner in winter without a pressure regulator

Due to the low temperature outside, the pressure in the system drops, the temperature of the evaporator decreases, even if the amount of freon in it is sufficient and the same happens as in the previous case. To eliminate this, it is necessary to install a condensing pressure regulator.

Such devices, for example, are equipped with all air conditioners in server rooms, with year-round operation.

– icing of the outlet of the drain pipe

If the air conditioner is used in cooling mode in winter, and the condensate is removed outside, then at temperatures below zero, liquid droplets gradually turn into ice, blocking the outlet.

Service specialists of the Dubai Repair company eliminate all causes of air conditioner leaks, as well as carry out service maintenance that will prevent unpleasant consequences, allowing them to be identified in advance and eliminated.

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