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Emergency AC Water Leakage In Arabian Ranches Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage In Arabian Ranches Dubai

To avoid breakdowns, any split system has a drainage channel. All condensed liquid is brought out through special tubes and removed.

When the indoor unit of the air conditioner flows into the room, this is a sign of improper operation of the device. To troubleshoot, you need to know what is causing the leak. This will help to quickly solve the problem without aggravating the situation.

Incorrect position of the drain hose

The condensed liquid from the indoor unit is discharged outside by gravity. To do this, the drainage pipes should be located with a slight slope. If there is none or the slope is too low, condensate will accumulate in the indoor unit. When the tank is full, water flows from the air conditioner into the room.

Incorrect location of the drain hose makes itself felt after almost several hours of continuous operation of the device after installation. In this case, there is only one solution to the problem: you need to re-install the pipes with the correct slope.

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Clogged drainage channel

Why the air conditioner flows – the reasons may be different. But the most common is lack of maintenance. The ingress and accumulation of debris inside the drainage provokes difficulties in draining condensate. Liquid accumulates in the indoor unit and a leak occurs. This problem is solved by cleaning the pipes and removing dirt from the system. In order to avoid re-clogging, it is recommended to carry out timely maintenance of the split system with the involvement of specialists.

Another reason why the air conditioner is leaking is a clogged condensate outlet pipe from the outside. Insects, leaves or other debris can get inside the nozzle. If this is the case, then you need to remove the resulting blockage using a wire, a rod, a vacuum cleaner or other suitable improvised means.

Lack of freon in the system

With a shortage of freon in the system, copper pipes begin to freeze heavily, becoming covered with a layer of snow or even ice. In this case, the air conditioner flows after the air conditioner is turned off – during the operation of the air conditioner, the tubes freeze over, after turning off the tubes heat up to room temperature and the ice begins to drip from the indoor unit onto the wall or floor. The solution to the problem is the detection and elimination of freon leakage, refueling or complete recharging of the system.

To solve this problem, only specialists should be involved. If necessary, they will replace the tubes with new ones and fill them with the missing freon. Self-intervention and repair can aggravate the situation and harm your health.

There is no thermal insulation on the tubes of the air conditioner.

All copper pipes of the split system from the external unit to the internal radiator must be covered with thermal insulation. Lack of protection reduces the cooling capacity and causes “sweating” of the pipes in the room, namely at the bottom of the indoor unit. Moisture condenses on the surface of the cold pipes and from the air conditioner begins to drip onto the floor. The solution to the problem is to call the service department to wrap the route with thermal insulation. In this case, it is necessary to check the freon pressure and the efficiency of the compressor.

Emergency AC Water Leakage In Arabian Ranches Dubai 0568770106

The indoor unit hangs unevenly. Not “level”.

The outlet of the drain hose from the air conditioner can be done from one of the two sides of the pallet, from the left or right end of the indoor unit – usually not done from two at once. If the unit body is tilted in the opposite direction – from the side of the drainage outlet, then the liquid begins to accumulate at the bottom point of the inclination of the pan and overflow over its edge – water begins to drip from the air conditioner. The solution to the problem is to put a building level on the top of the indoor unit and set the horizontal.

The drain channel of the top pan is clogged. Rare problem.

In the indoor unit there are two drainage pans – the lower one is large and the upper one is small. The upper pan is connected to the lower drain channel, which can become clogged, and water starts to overflow over its edges, getting on the fan motor and the split system flows into the room. Contamination of the upper pan indicates an extremely dirty system. The solution to the problem is a complete washing of the air conditioner with high pressure with the necessary chemicals.

Emergency AC Water Leakage In Arabian Ranches Dubai WhatsApp Calling Us 0568770106

Pump failure

For efficient collection of condensate into a drainage tank, split systems have a pump. When it breaks, the air conditioner flows into the room because the liquid does not enter the tank. It is difficult to notice a malfunction without diagnosing. Therefore, only specialists of the service center should solve the cause of the leak in this case. The breakdown is eliminated by repair or replacement of the pump with a new one.

Depressurization of the liquid supply circuit to the air conditioner

In chiller-fan coils there is a closed circuit for the circulation of the working fluid in the system. Vibrations or simply poor fastening lead to depressurization. The consequence is that the air conditioner runs, which can lead to equipment failure. To detect a problem, you need to check the reliability of the fixation of the tubes. If necessary, seal the problem areas with sealants and tighten the fastener nuts. You can do it yourself as well. It is only necessary to take into account that exceeding the tightening torque can lead to thread breakage.

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