Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In JVC Dubai

Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In JVC Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In JVC Dubai

One of the most common problems air conditioner owners face is fluid dripping from the unit. What can be the reason for this, and what should be done if water flows from the split system?

Water flows from the split system: what are the reasons?

Strictly speaking, we can talk not only about water alone: ​​often a split system is covered with ice, hoarfrost, which in most cases affects the external unit or the freon pipeline tubes. However, it often happens that pieces of ice fall directly from the indoor unit of the air conditioner. But, as a rule, we are still talking about the fact that water is dripping from the split.

It is for this reason that service workers do not recommend installing a split system above electrical appliances, or placing the latter under the indoor unit.

As for the actual causes, their range can be very large, but the most common are the following:

  • clogged drain;
  • lack of refrigerant.
Emergency AC Water Leakage Service In JVC Dubai

The drainage channel of the air conditioner is clogged: what to do?

If the air conditioner has been provided with appropriate care, this problem should not arise. But, if this still happened, you can do one of two things:

  • Call the master.
  • Try to fix the problem yourself.

Of course, it is easier and faster to turn to a professional, especially since this guarantees the absence of damage that may occur with inept self-intervention. In addition, you do not have to waste time and it will be possible to receive certain bonuses that are usually provided to customers of service centers.

If the owner decides to clean the air conditioner drainage on his own, for this you need:

  1. Remove dead insects from the tube, which usually accumulate there. Sometimes this can be done with a vacuum cleaner (just blow out the tube), but if they have formed a strong accumulation, you will have to clean the drain with wire. In the latter case, you need to be careful not to accidentally damage anything.
  2. Take an empty plastic bottle and, putting it to the outer end of the tube, try to blow through the drainage, working with a bottle like a plunger. Usually, after a few minutes of such efforts, the “cork” of debris loosens and can be removed.

There is not enough freon in the split system: what to do?

This cause of water flowing from the split system is much more dangerous than the previous one and needs to be addressed immediately. If the refrigerant level falls below the permissible level and the owner does nothing, this can lead to much more serious consequences. Those who ignore these dangers often end up discovering that the A/C compressor has broken, costing about half the cost of buying a new unit to repair. As in the previous case, the owner can:

  • replenish the refrigerant level yourself;
  • order recharging the air conditioner with freon.

In the first case, special tools and appropriate skills will be required. This is a tricky business and in most cases requires a fair amount of effort and time. In this case, there is a possibility of harm to the device. No less dangerous is the excess of freon in the split system, which in the future leads to the same consequences as its lack.

Therefore, it would be wiser to order a professional refueling of the split system. As in the case of cleaning the drainage channel, the owner in this case will:

  • relieved of unnecessary troubles, risks and unjustified time costs;
  • will be entitled to certain bonuses (filter cleaning, system diagnostics, etc.)

In any case, whichever option the owner chooses, upon discovering that water is dripping from the air conditioner, he should immediately turn off the device and not turn it on again until the problem is resolved.

What to do to prevent the problem?

To eliminate the “drainage” cause of dripping water, it is enough just to regularly inspect the drainage channel for blockages in it and immediately remove them or regularly order the cleaning of the air conditioner.

As for the lack of freon, it is unrealistic to completely eliminate its leakage, since even a perfectly installed split will inevitably lose at least 2% of the refrigerant per year and will require refueling after a maximum of three years. But in most cases, a professionally installed device leaks about 8% annually, resulting in the need for an annual top-up, which is also within the normal range.

The installation of a split system is not mentioned by chance, since freon leaks too quickly are always caused by poor-quality installation of the device. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem will be quite costly in terms of finances: this is a high-quality reinstallation of the air conditioner, which only a qualified master can handle. Therefore, experts recommend not to take risks, and immediately after purchasing the device, order a professional installation of the slit system.

If the device is installed properly, it will be enough to regularly carry out preventive diagnostics of the air conditioner, which will allow you to identify the lack of freon in time and avoid icing, frost, water dripping from the device and many other problems.

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