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Air conditioner water leak:

During the operation of climate equipment, various malfunctions occur, for example, water has flowed from the air conditioner in the room. Air conditioning equipment with such a malfunction can function normally, but dripping, as a rule, causes discomfort to those living in an apartment or house. 

     Main reasons

     The main causes of water leakage in a block located indoors are:

  1. The indoor device (unit) is installed incorrectly, that is, a strict horizontal level is not observed during installation
  2. There is no water seal in the system
  3. The drain tube does not have a hermetic connection
  4. The drain tube is clogged, and therefore cannot remove the condensing liquid from the system.


    To fix a problem in the technique, the master, first of all, must check the system and find the cause. Secondly, the cause is removed. The main actions of the wizard:

  1. If the cause is incorrect installation, the horizontal position of the unit is returned to normal
  2. If the drainage tube is leaking, the place where the tube is connected is sealed
  3. If the drainage is clogged, the master flushes the drainage system.

You have the opportunity to order inexpensive troubleshooting in the air conditioner if water has flowed in the room on the DUBAI-REPAIR website. The climatic company has been carrying out professional activities in the field of climate technology for more than 7 years. The company’s specialists will quickly and on time eliminate any malfunction in your air conditioner.

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