Emergency AC Water Leakage in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Emergency AC Water Leakage In Palm Jumeirah Dubai

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Emergency AC Water Leakage in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

You habitually turned on the air conditioner, the cooling process began, but after some time you found that water was dripping or even pouring into the apartment from the indoor unit. Fluid may flow:

directly from the indoor unit to the room,
through the blinds along with the flow of cooled air, as if the air conditioner “splashes” or “spits” water,
along the wall on which the unit is installed.
In this case, as a rule, the air conditioner does not flow immediately after switching on, but after some time – after 20-40 minutes. The intensity of the flood directly depends on the set cooling temperature: the greater the difference between the temperature in the room and the specified split system, the more abundant the water will flow.

Emergency AC Water Leakage in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Where does the water in the air conditioner come from and why does it drip into the room
The work of split systems is based on the sharp cooling of the air. Such a change in temperature leads to the formation of condensate on the cooling element of the air conditioner – the evaporator, located in the indoor unit. Normally, water flows from the evaporator into a special bath, and then it is removed along the drainage route to the street or to the sewer. Most often, the drainage tube is taken out into the street, from where the condensate drips.

An air conditioner leak is usually caused by a problem, and technically occurs in one of the following ways:

Water does not leave the bath along the drainage route. For example, due to clogged drainage. As the condensate tank overflows, water flows from the split system into the room.
Condensate drips past the tub. For example, if she moved.
Water hits the fan, and the air conditioner ” spits ” water. For example, this occurs when the evaporator freezes due to a too low condensing temperature.
Naturally, the flow of a split system into a room is not a regular option for the operation of equipment. In some cases, this behavior of the air conditioner is associated with incorrect installation, sometimes with a violation of operation, but more often with breakdowns. Below we will look at the main reasons why water flows from the air conditioner into the room.

User errors in which the air conditioner flows
When choosing an air conditioner and its further operation, it is extremely important to follow the recommendations of manufacturers on the temperature regime: both outdoors and indoors. Violation of operating standards leads to incorrect operation, freezing and leakage, both of the indoor and outdoor units.

A case from practice! Application from a flower shop. The 7000 W air conditioner does not work: the external unit is in ice, water is dripping from the internal one. The area of ​​the room is small – 6 m, fenced off. The temperature outside is about 0°C, indoors 20°C. No installation defects were found. What could be the reason? We read in the operating instructions: during cooling, the temperature outside should be 18 – 43 C, in the room 21 – 32 C. Thus, the cause of the problem is in violation of the operating conditions, as well as the initially incorrect choice of a split system model for the needs of the client. 

Why is water dripping from the indoor unit of a new air conditioner

If you notice that a recently installed air conditioner is flowing into the room, in the vast majority of cases the reason lies in installation errors. Normally, condensate from the evaporator flows into the bath, then it is removed through the drainage channel to the street or to the sewer. If the route is simple, the water leaves by gravity under the action of gravity. In routes with a complex configuration (large length, height difference, etc.), a drain pump is installed to force the removal of water.

When installing a split system, the following errors can be made:

Incorrect slope angle of the drainage route . The drainage channel was not angled enough: the water does not flow off by gravity as it should, but instead pours out of the overflowing tub into the room.
The indoor unit does not hang straight . If the air conditioner is not level, the bath is at an angle. In this case, condensate can flow past the bath or drip into it, but due to the slope, flow over the edge into the apartment.
Thermal insulation of freon pipelines has not been made . The pipes connecting the outdoor and indoor unit must be properly insulated. Otherwise, condensation will form on them. In places where the pipes enter the indoor unit, the formed moisture will flow down the wall or drip from the indoor unit.
Incorrect refueling of the air conditioner (the wrong type of freon, the wrong amount) leads to the fact that the indoor unit freezes over. The frost melts, the water flows past the bath.
Creases in the refrigerant pipes . Sometimes “artisanal” craftsmen break the tubes that conduct freon. Because of this, the cross section decreases, as a result, the pressure in the system changes, and frost forms on the evaporator. As it thaws, it flows into the room.
The tap on the thick tube of the outdoor unit is not open all the way . Because of this, there is insufficient refrigerant pressure in the system. As a result – freezing and leaking.
Incorrect length of the route for freon . If the route for the refrigerant is more or less than recommended by the manufacturer, freon boils earlier or later than the evaporator. As a result, the pipes are covered with ice, condensation forms, which drips into the room.

According to the experience of the Dubai-Repair masters, incorrect installation is one of the most common reasons for contacting a service center. Unfortunately, most installers from companies selling split systems do not have sufficient qualifications and knowledge about the design of air conditioners. Such “masters” often offer solutions that violate the installation manual – as a result, this leads to breakdowns and incorrect operation of equipment. You can avoid trouble by entrusting the installation of the air conditioner to professionals , for example, from Dubai-Repair. Our specialists will design and install even a complex air conditioning system without errors and with a guarantee.

The most common malfunctions in which the indoor unit flows in a split system

If your air conditioner is no longer new, it worked properly, but suddenly water began to drip from it into the room – there was probably a breakdown. Which one – will help determine the information below.

There was a blockage in the drainage system of the air conditioner:
Water cannot leave the bath and, as the container fills up, runs over the edge into the room. Clogging can occur due to contamination, mucus formation in the drainage tube under the influence of microorganisms. If the drainage is brought outside, insects often clog into the tube. For example, wasps or bees.

Water leaked from the split system into the apartment. Moreover, the hotter the room and the lower the set temperature, the stronger the leak.

The Dubai Repair master cleans the tray and the entire drainage route (using a cable or a vacuum cleaner).

Clogged filters of the indoor unit of the air conditioner
If the filters are heavily contaminated with dust, the split system can suck in air from the drainage system. Traction is formed from the street, which interferes with the normal outflow of water by gravity through the drainage channel.

Water leaked from the split system into the apartment. Moreover, the hotter the room and the lower the set temperature, the stronger the leak.

The master carries out a comprehensive cleaning of the air conditioner filters.

The drainage pump (pump) is out of order:
When organizing routes of great length or with differences in height, a drainage pump is installed, which pumps water out of the condensate tank. In the event of a pump failure, water accumulates in the bath, overflows and goes into the room.

Water from an air conditioner with a drain pump (a pump used in long or difficult drainage runs) runs into the room. At the same time, the sound of the pump operation, which was before, is not heard.

The pump needs to be replaced.

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